My mum has known me for 20 years and she STILL asks me if I want cereal when she goes shopping. No. Not once in 20 years have I ever liked cereal.

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Lana Del Rey // Complex Magazine (2014)

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i need to get fucked by something other than my life

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 Cauã Reymond

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"Which is annoying."

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Title: Funkytown
Artist: Lipps, Inc.
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Funkytown | Lipps Inc.

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Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (USA, 2003)

Title: What A Feeling
Artist: Irene Cara
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What a Feeling.
Bein’s believin’.
I can have it all, now I’m dancing for my Life.

Take your Passion
and make it Happen.
Pictures come Alive, you can dance right through your Life.

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Do you ever just wish you could unmeet someone? like maybe they were great up first, or even for awhile. But then they cause you so much pain and sadness that it wasn’t even worth the good times. So now they’re just stuck in your life, in your fuckin thoughts. You want them out but nope, forever they’ll be part of you.

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